Throughout the BWAM project, we will be receiving good questions from our community. This is a place where we have been able to gather and answer those questions that others may be curious about as well. The BWAM and BARC teams will continue to add further information as the questions arise over the course of the project.


How does this project support Hillside's mission?

Hillside’s building is a key resource that allows our community to have a place to connect deeply, grow fully and serve passionately.

Who have we hired to support Hillside in navigating this project?

Greg Needham has been our consultant guiding Hillside through the visioning stage and now renovation phase. Greg Needham has a background in Christian Education, attending TWU for his undergrad and holding graduate degrees in Education and Business. Having served with Ambrose University in Calgary for 14 years as a VP he led the development of their interim downtown campus and $45M worth of construction projects on the site they now call home. Currently, he serves with TeachBeyond, an international organization dedicated to Christian education and the transformation of teachers, students, families, and communities. He has worked with numerous international schools on their programming, construction planning, and fundraising initiatives travelling extensively as part of his role. Most recently as part of CA Church’s $8.8M construction project, Greg served as their Building Committee Chair and Owner Representative, which has just recently come to a successful completion. He lives in Port Moody with his wife with two married daughters living in the area. Let him know if you want to play tennis, squash, or frisbee as he is always up for some recreation.

Will we get to meet the consultant?

Yes, Greg Needham will be at the May 1 Open House.

Who is the contractor and how were they selected?

The building envelope consultant is CSA Building Sciences Western Ltd. They were selected by the Building and Renovation Committee after considering three bidding companies.

Are congregants going to be able to help with the work/labour?

Most of the work will be contracted out to be carried out by professionals. Where appropriate, Hillsiders will be invited to participate.

What happens if the job is a bigger one than planned?

We have conducted an extensive number of tests not only on the envelope but in the interior of the building over the last two years. We feel very confident that the scope is as it has been laid out, but to be prudent, there is a contingency in the budget to address unforeseen items that may arise.

What about the work that was just done to the front?

In partnership with SHARE and government support, we have renovated the access to the front of the facility to allow for the Share weekly foodbank that Hillside hosts. Those areas will not be changed

Is this just so that our church can look better? We don't need a pretty building.

We have tried to get the most out of the building for as long as possible, but BWAM is about investing in the facility to ensure its safety and integrity. The visual appearance will be upgraded, but is secondary to ensuring the functionality for years to come.

What about the updates that were made to the front door and the inside not too long ago?

We did conduct a warm welcome campaign a few years ago, and all of those updates that we have been enjoying will remain the same. We are not intending to do any renovations to those areas. The main front door will remain the same while the other exterior doors will be updated to match it.

Can I pledge/donate over a number of years?

Yes, we would encourage people to think long term about their gift if that makes the most sense for them. We can accept pledges and gifts spread out over the next 2 years.

What happens if we don't raise the funds?

We have explored additional ways to finance the project and there are some options, but our prayer is that we will raise the funds to pay for the project through fundraising and gifts.

Why don't we just get a mortgage?

Borrowing funds by way of a mortgage could hinder service opportunities for future Hillsiders to be able to serve the community.

What makes the leadership think we can raise that much money?

We believe the work is necessary and after a significant amount of time, and prayerful consideration, we believe that God is moving in this project and that he will provide.