0 – GRADE 5


At Hillside it is our passion to communicate to this generation of children that Jesus Christ is alive and well and loves them! We believe not only that we have an obligation to effectively communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to children but that they themselves are special bearers of the image of God from whom we adults have much to learn. Hence, we are committed to providing a safe, stimulating and fun environment for our children’s journey of faith as well as providing opportunities for them to exercise their own special gifts in our midst. Toward these ends we have a growing team of screened*, trained and dedicated care givers and teachers who are actively and often sacrificially involved in serving the children of our community. Come and meet us!
July 29 - Aug 2

Kids Sports Camp

Kids in grade 1- 5, this camp is for you! It is 5 days of fun and games with a different sport each day. We will be gathering at Brookmere Park in Coquitlam in the evenings. Click the link below for more info and to register.

Sunday Mornings

Children’s programs are available at any of our Sunday Services for all children from ages 3.5 to Grade 5.

All children join the service for worship time, then are dismissed to their classes. All children must be checked in and go directly to the Preschool room or Fellowship Hall.

Regular attenders need to have a registration form filled out each September.

If you are a guest with us, please go with your children to their classes, regardless of their age, to sign them in.

We use a sticker check-in system - child (grade 1 & under) matches the guardian who signed in and must be the same adult with matching sticker to pick them up.

NURSERY: Infants to 3 years

The Nursery is located on the main floor beside the kitchen. Parents/guardians are welcome to watch the service from the Nursery if they would like a quiet area for themselves and their little ones.

22/23 Registration for Kids Church

You can find the downloadable version of the 2022/2023 Registration form for Sunday Kids Church below.


Can my kids stay in the service with me?

We encourage children to participate in our children’s ministry, but it is entirely the parents’ decision. If your small child is restless, you are welcome to video to the service from the nursery. The nursery is open to fathers, mothers (nursing areas available), and grandparents, with streaming video available of the service.

How old do you have to be to take part in our children's ministry and when does it happen?

Our Kid’s Ministry is divided into two age groups and both meet downstairs:

  • 3.5 – Grade 1 (Preschool Room/Daycare)
  • Grade 2 – Grade 5 (Fellowship Hall)

Everyone gathers in the sanctuary for singing together.  After the announcements, the children are released to go to their specific programs (parents must sign in their children).