There Is Work To Be Done

Hillside’s building is foundational in allowing our community to connect, grow and serve in His great love. Therefore, while congregants 60 years ago took that initial step out in faith to build our building, it is our current church body’s responsibility to be good stewards of that gift and ensure its maintenance and upkeep. Like any other 60-year-old building, time has impacted the integrity of many aspects of the building, most specifically the siding, windows and roof. There are leaks, rot, inefficiencies in heating/cooling, designs that are not to code, shifting structures and several other elements of degradation to the facility that may not be commonly noticed but are integral to the functioning and healthy future of the building. Specifically, the following work is necessary to ensure that Hillside can continue to live out its calling and work through the strategic vision to connect fully, grow deeply and serve passionately. There has been significant work done over the past year in learning about the facility’s condition itself as well as the needs of Hillsiders and the community to determine the scope of work necessary. After all this research, and bringing our challenge to God in prayer, the following is what has been determined as the necessary work.

Scope Of Work

The Team

The Hillside Leadership is working together with a wonderful team and contractor to ensure that the necessary work will be done in a timely manner, and within budget. As with any project, we will learn more as we move forward in this project, but our intention is to begin construction this summer. A significant amount of work, with the support of several committees and the establishing of the Hillside BARC (building and renovation committee) has brought the elders to a position to feel confident in the scope of work required and now the moving ahead with a plan to ensure the facility continues to be able to serve as our place to connect, grow and serve today and in the years to come.