Welcome to Hillside Online!

Welcome to our online platform for worship.

Our regular service live feed begins Sundays at 9 am. You’ll be able to tune in starting 15 minutes before we begin.

See you soon!

More Information

We know that doing church at home or in small groups will be difficult with young children. That’s why we’ve set up a Kids Korner page with some helpful resources!

Click the Kids Korner button below to find a Special Video (15 min).

We encourage you to get this set up before the live stream starts: maybe in another room. Don’t forget your colouring tools as there is often a small craft to do.

The church of Jesus has always gathered in homes! So this is nothing new. It is unusual for us not to gather also as a larger group. Here are some tips for how to prepare to have church at your house.
  1. Prepare. It might be tempting to stay in bed right until the live stream starts (or to even just … stay in bed!) We’d love to encourage you to actually set an alarm, get up with enough time to breakfast, and spend some time in prayer that God would help you be aware of him in this time. We’re also going to keep practicing communion together, so before the service starts, think about grabbing some bread and juice with you to wherever in your home you’re participating.
  2. Participate. It will be weird to sing along with a video at your house. Embrace the “weird!” The God of the Bible is far less concerned with how good you sound than he is about your decision to sing his praise. He says that there’s something about our singing that blesses him: which is worth considering as we decide whether or not to sing.
    This also means paying attention to the sermon. Try to behave like you would in our building. Don’t multi-task on emails, check your phone, cook breakfast, get coffee. Sit. Listen. Take notes.
  3. Practice. After the service has finished take some time to process what God has been saying to you. Write something down that you think you should pay attention to over the next few days. Practice silence as you think this through. Then turn to the people who watched with you (or call up a friend) and tell them what you need to put into practice for this next week.

We will live stream our entire worship service (which includes singing). If you’d like to sing more, we’ve compiled some resources at here.

Online Prayer Meetings

Our prayer times are pretty simple. We often listen to a song, read a Psalm, and then those who wish to, can pray. Sometimes we have specific themes we pray for, but mostly we pray “kingdom prayers” for our church, our community and our world. We take privacy seriously, so if we do pray for people, we are careful to keep confidences. In addition, Zoom, the online platform we use, also has a strong privacy policy.

We will be gathering together online to pray at the following times.

Weekdays: 8:00 – 8:30 AM

You can join any of these video meetings when they are running.