0 – GRADE 5

Kids Korner

For those continuing church from home, we've pulled together some resources for you to use!
Marnie Gordon

Children’s Minisitry Coordinator

A Christmas Journey for Jesus (7:12 minutes) – best for all ages

Twas The Evening of Christmas (6:44 minutes) - best for all ages (rhymes)

The Visit of the Wise Men (6:13 minutes) – best for Gr 2–5’s (rhymes)

The Christmas Baby (5:40 minutes) - best for 3.5-6 yrs

The Animals Speak (6:59 minutes) - best for 3.5-6 yrs

Over in the Stable (Great for All Ages)

Pippin the Christmas Pig (Great for All Ages)

The Christmas Story - Pop Up (Great for All Ages)

The Donkey Christmas Song (Great for Preschool and Younger)

Probity Jones and the Fear Not Angel (Great for Older Children)

Watch a large selection of highly recommended videos on RightNow Media,
for example “What’s in the Bible” by Phil Vischer
  • Check out our invite link here to join for free. This is meant for all ages; parents will learn some history as well.
  • We have physical DVD copies of the whole series of “What’s in the Bible?” through the church office if you want to come by and sign out one episode for a week

Minno Kids

This is great for the younger kids!

What's In The Bible

This is great for your older kids!