Hillside is now offering free English classes tailored to both beginners and those at the intermediate level.
These classes are designed to cover fundamental aspects of English, such as grammar, and to provide valuable opportunities for practicing conversation skills.
Our mission is to make the process of learning English fun and accessible for all. We strive to help individuals integrate into their new community and connect with others more easily.

Helpful Facts About English at Hillside

2024 Course Schedule

Starting Date: April 19th, 2024


10:30-12:00 – Level 1: Basic English for Early Beginners

12:30-2:00 pm – Level 2: Grammar and Conversation


Learning English at Hillside is free of charge.

Beginner Level Information

The Beginner level will be using the “Beginner 1 Coursebook” from DKEFE “English for Everyone,” published by DK Dorling Kindersley, and available from Chapters/Indigo or online. The cost is approximately $25. Please note that there is a “Coursebook” and a “Practice book” –our program will use the Coursebook.

Online purchase from Amazon Canada: Textbook series info and free audio access

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If you have any questions about the English program, please contact one of the following: Hillside Church Office: 604-936-2313 (Monday-Thursday from 9 am - 1 pm) Naomi Schmidt (program leader): learnenglish@myhillside.ca