Life Groups

Life groups are designed to help followers of Jesus grow in their love for God and one another. We do this by meeting regularly in groups of around 6-12 people to study God's word, pray, give thanks to God, encourage & support one another, and help each other to fulfill God's mission.


What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are groups of around 7-14 people that meet regularly to share their lives, encourage one another, serve together, pray together and learn more about Jesus and His teachings. Some groups are age and gender specific, while others are mixed.

When and where do Life Groups meet?

We have groups meeting in many areas around the Tri-Cities.  Most groups meet weekly or every other week.

How do I join a Life Group?

Everyone is welcome to join a group at any time!   If you would like to find out more, please contact the Church Office at 604-936-2313 (ext 110) or email Pastor Bill at